By Morgan Miller | October 26, 2000

“The Blair Witch Project” seems to have inspired more parodies than any film in recent history. What exactly is the allure that makes “Blair Witch” such a ripely universal candidate for satire these days…. Is it a cultural backlash? Payback for the $150 million spent by the public to see the damn thing? Possibly…or maybe it’s because the film was shot mostly on consumer grade Hi8, making parodies shot in the same cheap medium becoming a financial incentive, with resulting films both quick and cost-effective production-wise.
“The Blair Witch Rejects” is one of the latest to hop off the assembly line. Is it funny? No. Is it watchable? No. Is it a total embarrassment? Yes. A very, very poor excuse for a film. This is one of those productions which makes watching paint dry seem like the event of a lifetime. At 90 minutes in duration, “The Blair Witch Rejects” would be better suited as a torture device than entertainment. Terrorists and war criminals would be issuing full confessions if they were forced to sit through this thing in its entirety.
As for the actual plot…well, it concerns a bunch of losers with a camcorder. As is starts, they wander about Hollywood Boulevard, asking random people about “The Westwood Witch”. People mug for the camera with all sorts of bad jokes, immersed in references to the original “Blair Witch Project”. When they finally get to the woods, they encounter a million other “Blair” imitators running around with camcorders. How witty.

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