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By Admin | February 10, 2007

Let’s just get to the point; “The Angel” is six minutes of Hong Kong/rock-em, sock-em type action with a tangy taste of “Twilight Zone” for good measure. Bottom line, it’s a kick a*s short that doesn’t squander its purpose, to entertain… plain and simple.

A little girl sits on her Grandmother’s deathbed in a bleakly lit hospital (budget cuts, I guess) when death pays a final visit to granny. The only thing stopping him is a one legged patient and his knife wielding crutch… you heard it right, a knife wielding crutch.

It’s obvious the filmmakers have a soft spot for Kung Fu/Matrix type action, and they spare no expense with the short time they have. From its dark Japanese comic book style production design to it’s quick finger editing and camera work, its leaves nothing to waste.

“The Angel” will definitely make you want to dust off your original DVD version of “The Matrix” and watch what was once an original and mind-bending genre. Since I refuse to own anything of “The Matrix,” let alone that of thespian actor Kenu Reeves, I’ll have to settle for the Karate chop antics of my Hong Kong Phooey collection.

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