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By Film Threat Staff | December 21, 2000

“Occam’s Razor” isn’t afraid to dig into those far-away nooks of the human mind and pull out all of the dark stuff — sex, greed, ambition, and self-realization are all explored in filmmaker Josh Grigsby’s deft debut effort.
Here’s the scene:
J.D. likes women. Women like J.D. He offers them romance. They offer him money. So, where’s the problem?
“Occam’s Razor” is the story of J.D., a modern American man searching for a backdoor to success. When the door he opens leads inside his own mind, J.D. is plunged into a metaphorical landscape where he confronts the hidden truths of his own self-deceptions.

See the film, check out a few stills, and learn more at [ the Reelmind “Occam’s Razor” site ]

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