By Film Threat Staff | November 21, 2002

A friend of mine is quitting the celeb interviewing biz.

Those who know her — except for me — think she’s nuts. My friend spends a couple of hours a month talking to the world’s most famous, glamorous people, writes up her notes, adds lots of cloying adjectives, and for this she gets paid big bucks. She says it’s a hellish existence.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Friend sobbed over the phone recently. The last straw came earlier this month, when Friend sat down to interview Big Star who has Major Motion Picture coming out in a few months. It was, Friend said, the most boring conversation she has ever had in her life. The biggest revelation uttered by Big Star’s was: “I feel really blessed to have been given an opportunity to play this role.”

Friend then had the chore of writing a 5,000 word article, making Big Star sound witty, and interesting and worthy of a cover story. Rumpelstiltskin had an easier task. “You end up writing paragraphs about her ‘flashing eyes’ and her ‘pouty lips’ or the way she sips her café latte. You sound like a total idiot.” She also lives in terror that she will accidentally write something vaguely controversial, and thus offend Pat Kingsley or Steven Huvane or one of the other publicists who control access to these celebs and get — oh the horror! — blacklisted.

Despite my begging and pleading and promises regarding first-born children, Friend would not let your snoopy Scooper reveal the names in this incident. Friend still has to live in Hollywood and get invited to all the A-list parties. But she, and a number of other celebrity interviewers, agreed to participate in this unscientific, haphazard survey. Included are their snarkiest comments.

Find out who you don’t want to be caught in a conversation with in part two of TEN OF THE WORLD’S MOST BORING CELEBRITY INTERVIEWEES>>>

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