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Best Foreign Comedies of All Time

By Film Threat Staff | April 8, 2021

Having a good laugh now and then is not only a great way to spend leisure time, but also has lots of benefits. Laughter prolongs our lives, and that’s not just a saying. Some of the recent studies managed to confirm that the old saying is, in fact, very true. And if watching good comedies is not the best way to have a great laugh, then all the hope in humanity is lost.

Humans, Comedies, and Laughter

Comedy is, perhaps, the most sensitive genre toward the effort that was made to create it. If one puts too much effort, the comedy movie may turn out overly complex for the genre. It might also not be as funny as it should mainly because too much effort was invested into the technical part, while the script and direction were underworked. On the other hand, should not enough effort be made, and the movie looks just like a piece of garbage. While there are movies so bad that they’re unintentionally good, these are rather exceptions and are a part of a different story.

 One of the best ways to enjoy a comedy is to watch a foreign comedy in its original dub. Even if you’re not familiar with the movie language, you’ll still be able to have a good laugh because of the immersion that watching the original movies offer. The experts from the best translation service online have lots of recommendations regarding that. Here are some of the best foreign movies you can watch and have a really good time laughing at the top of your lungs.


This Danish 2013 comedy would be a great warm-up. Simple, rather familiar, but hilarious, nevertheless. Following a story of two slacker friends trapped in a comedic canoe trip situation with a little boy. Their overly sexual attitude fits with the boy’s own early puberty period, yet largely mismatches with his young age at the same time. While some jokes in the movie are not always appropriate, the contrast between the characters and silly situations can certainly make you laugh as hard as possible at times.

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe

If there is a nation that knows how to create ridiculously silly but hilariously funny comedies, those must be the French. This classic 1972 comedy starring Pierre Richard tells a story about a simple, down-to-earth, and kind, but somewhat naïve violinist mistaken for a spy. This error takes the man on an adventure of his life, which is as exciting as it is hilarious. Although almost 50 years old, this classic comedy can make you laugh on top of your lungs.


One of the fresher films, Parasite is a highly acclaimed South Korean black comedy released in 2019. Seemingly telling a story about the contrasts between the rich and the poor, the movie brings out much deeper ideas implying the meaning of the movie’s title in a very unexpected manner. While the film’s director has blended in some other genres, like a thriller, the movie was very well received across the world earning the director Bong Joon-ho several Western movie academy rewards. Maybe, the movie’s success was influenced by its localization and the localization service provided to the distribution companies. In any case, this one is totally worth a watch.

Too Young to Die!

A Japanese 2016 comedy exploring the themes of life and death is, perhaps, one of the best Japanese comedies of all time. Telling a story of a young man, attempting to get out of hell after death, the movie contains several hilarious situations that can compete with the best European comedies. Before giving this one a watch, don’t forget to check out what are the major languages spoken in Japan to set your subtitles right. That can largely affect your experience in the end.

In the Loop

Finally, a comedy in English, this 2009 British political satire movie is a true comedy masterpiece. Starring Peter Capaldi as a foul-mouthed and rude Director of Communications under the Prime Minister, the movie showcases all the absurdity of politics and the international political rhetoric. While poking fun particularly at British politics, the movie is universally hilarious as it shows the politicians and other related people in rather ridiculous but believable situations.

Prolonging Life Systematically

 There’s no better evening spent than the one with a good movie, tasty popcorn, and a good laugh. In times like we live today, watching great comedies and laughing all the woes away is definitely one of the best things we can do. We might not have effective means against the coronavirus yet, but we can laugh to live long enough to see them.

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