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By Eric Campos | December 4, 2002

It could’ve been a contender, a strong one at that, if only it had been made a short film instead of the feature film length this subject matter has been painfully stretched to. Urgh, I hate it when that happens.
Paul “The TV Geek” Goebel stars as Sweets, an overweight amateur wrestler who, along with his mullet sporting wanna-be promoter, aspires to hit the big time professional wrestling circuit. Their workout regiment includes studying wrestling videotapes, playing with wrestling action figures, eating baby food and selling Sweets’ sweaty, dirty whitey tighties to perverts through the mail…well, that really doesn’t have much to do with their workout routine, but these knuckleheads gotta make money somehow, don’t they?
There’s quite a few quality laughs in this film, but they’re spaced way too far apart due to the 93-minute running length. Being that this is an extremely low-budget flick, the action and set pieces are minimal, leaving viewers to watch little more than a group of actors sitting in someone’s living room, prattling along with the storyline. The peppered jokes aren’t enough to keep one’s interest. At half its length, if not a little shorter, “Sweets” would’ve been a total riot. Too bad there isn’t any chance to trim this one down as it’s already been pressed to this “Titanium Edition” DVD. Oh well.
Along with the “Sweets” feature, the shorts “Dammit Jim, I’m Only a Documentary,” “Takin’ it to the Mat” and “The BVM” are also included. Also on this “Titanium Edition” DVD are the “Sweets” auditions, outtakes and deleted scenes and director’s commentary. This one’s for you TV Geek fanatics; you know who you are.

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