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By Eric Campos | July 16, 2005

Jesus. Who would have ever thought that a movie about a bunch of drag queens traveling around in a giant parade float would be such a drag?


But it is. And now I really feel like killing myself. I was suckered in and now I pay the consequences.

Thank you.

The story of “Splendid Float” presents us a troupe of drag queens who travel the earth in a parade float, performing for partiers at various outdoor events. One of these stops finds one of the queens, Rose, linking romantically with a strapping young man named Sunny, who apparently can’t swim too well as he drowns shortly after we, and Rose, become acquainted with him. And that’s where this film takes a turn into the depressing, almost right from the get-go. As Uncle Remus bragged about a laughing place, filmmaker Zero Chou brings us a place to hang your head and cry…for a really long time.

When in doubt, serious depression, or fingering the numbers to a suicide prevention hotline, I’ve always looked to drag queens as idols of strength and…well…good times. But in “Splendid Float,” I’ve been shot down and so does anyone else looking for a good time from the coolest people on Earth – drag queens.

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