The Had To Be Made Film Festival (HTBMFF), the first-ever year-round nationwide film festival kicks-off by hitting the road this month. Festival Director and Co-founder Mike Kyle will pick-up film producer and festival finalist Mark Reeb (“Graduation Day”) in a 24-foot rental truck for a cross-country tour, personally delivering the first DVD film program to various festival locations, being held at independent video retailers throughout the United States.
The fest, which gives financial Awards to its selected finalists, is an opportunity for filmmakers to gain attention and recognition from indie film fans across the country. The film-going public selects the films as “Evaluators” and also votes online for the winning films, which will be announced at a Las Vegas Gala on July 17, 2003.
The HTBMFF Road Trip will take place from February 10 15, 2003:
Day 1: New York, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ^ Day 2: Charlottesville, Virginia and Durham, North Carolina ^ Day 3: Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana ^ Day 4: Temple and Austin, Texas ^ Day 5: El Paso, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona ^ Day 6: Los Angeles, California
For more information, visit the Had To Be Made Film Festival website.

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