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By Pete Vonder Haar | April 20, 2003

Moving into a new place is always a little jarring, especially when you take your pet mouse for a stroll and find out all your neighbors have much cooler, exotic animals on display. Do you stay true to yourself, sticking by your (admittedly uninteresting) gray rodent friend? Or do you stick the mouse in a box and work on constructing a hideous amalgam of several animals in an effort to both impress and one-up your fellow townspeople? It’s an animated short, people; what do you think happens?
Wojtek Wawszczyk’s “Mouse” is a weird little film, examining the repercussions of not staying true to oneself while at the same time extolling the underrated joys of mouse ownership. Never mind that the titular rodent looks more like a rat, or that one guy drags a whale around the neighborhood. The message is pretty clear.
Still, I don’t care how loyal your mouse is, having a whale would be excellent.

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