In a strong field of foreign films at the St. Louis International Film Festival, French feature “The Butterfly” (Le Papillon) garnered filmBUZZ’s top narrative spot, a position held last year by 2003 Academy Award-winner “Nowhere in Africa.” Fox Searchlight’s 2004 Oscar favorite In America received a strong reaction, with a BUZZ Score of 90.5. In the documentary category, attendees showed their support for hometown filmmakers,
voting “Gaslight Square” and “Six Heroes” into the top documentary spots.
Top filmBUZZ Narrative Feature Films
“The Butterfly” (Le Papillon) – 93.5

In America ^ 90.5

“Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” ^ 87.4

“Clipping Adam” ^ 87.1

“Flavors” ^ 86.0
Top filmBUZZ Documentary Feature Films
“Gaslight Square: The Forgotten Landmark” ^ 94.2

“Six Heroes” ^ 92.1

“The Agronomist” ^ 86.2

“Sisters in Cinema” ^ 85.7

“Cinerama Adventure” ^ 85.6

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