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By Mark Bell | May 5, 2012

Coulrophobics beware! In Nick Everhart’s Slash-In-The-Box, a married couple plays with an old, creepy-looking jack-in-the-box that they were given for free. At first it’s just as one would suspect; wind the handle and a little, off-putting clown-on-a-spring pops out of the top. Once the couple goes to bed, however, things take a turn for the sinister.

Slash-In-The-Box is the type of story you tell around a campfire. It’s quick, it’s scary and it has a nice fright of an ending. And when the short delivers on the gore, it gives us a sploosh of blood that is more in keeping with heavy acrylic paint than the watery spray you normally see. This added bit of heft to the goo, in both look and sound, makes events all the more disturbing.

Clowns are creepy. Some clowns live in jack-in-the-boxes. Do not play with jack-in-the-boxes, especially if someone just tries to give one to you. Decline the freebie and you may just live longer.

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  1. Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    Cute little spooky film! I have a friend to is terrified of clowns; he’s gonna LOVE this.

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