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The Right Thing

By Chris Salce | October 19, 2019

 The Right Thing is approximately a ten-minute short film that sees a young woman walk into a convenience store with a loaded gun.

When the short begins, the only thing that is known to the viewer is that Deanna (Katlynn Simone) means business. The mystery is what is she going to do with the gun and why. But it is clear there is purpose in her actions. As the story progresses, it’s not as I had assumed. Just when I thought she was going to hold up the store for money, the story takes a complete turn.

She is approached by a man that offers to pay for her beer. As Deanna and the man are talking, a glimpse of the van the man was in is shown. Inside the van is his friend at the driver’s seat and a young woman in the back that is gagged and tied up. At this point, the story begins to become clear. These men kidnapped the woman that is close to Deanna. Deanna is looking to get her back and seek revenge for all the pain and suffering they have caused.

“…Deanna means business. The mystery is what is she going to do with the gun and why.”

The performances by the actors in the film were all above par, and I think that Katlynn Simone and Dazi Williams, who plays the damsel in distress, were certainly the standouts in the film, as they needed to be. Their emotions were accurately shown as needed, and that’s a testament to their talent, as well as the director, Andrew C. Fisher.

What keeps this from being a higher score for me was that how Deanna ran into the suspects is not quite related on film. I’m not sure if she followed them to the convenience store or some other way. I wish that part was more clear because it puts a minor hole in the story.

The Right Thing may have been ten minutes long, but I wanted more. I feel that this story is a textbook revenge story. It has the protagonist, antagonist, and the traumatic occurrence that carves the path for revenge. I could picture this as a full-length feature film because there is a story to be told that can be something great that was only hinted on in this short. I definitely want to see more of this story and, if not, then more work from Fisher because he certainly has talent.

The Right Thing (2019)

Directed and Written: Andrew C. Fisher

Starring: Katlynn Simone, Darren Alberti, Dazi Williams, Lance R. Marshall, Ronnie Cook, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Right Thing Image

"…ten minutes long, but I wanted more."

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  1. John Smith says:

    I definitely enjoyed the short, and 100% agree with the wanting more feeling!! Katlynn Simone was great, and the direction did bring continuity to the short project. I want more too!

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