Presenting the Award This! 2023 Nominees Image

Presenting the Award This! 2023 Nominees

By Film Threat Staff | November 9, 2023

Film Threat’s Award This! has become a unique voice for indie film and an annual industry staple. An event with a mission — to champion independent films across a multitude of categories to bring awareness to the growing number of exceptional indies available on DVD, VOD, and streaming services. Film Threat recognizes these films each year with a ceremony hosted by actors, comedians and critics, and the celebration continues at a huge afterparty. And yes, there will be an Award This! gift bag and it’s even bigger in 2023.

The Award This! nominees were selected from over 2,000 films reviewed by Film Threat in 2022 (this year we extended our deadline into the first half of 2023 to fairly represent all the films since the last Award This!). Award This!  returns for its fifth year and will take place at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California on Sunday, December 10th and a limited number of tickets are available to the public now at and on the Frida Cinema website. Film Threat’s Award This! is the only award show where the general public may attend by simply buying a ticket. (Try getting tickets to the Oscars or the Independent Spirit Awaards!)

This years’ vastly differing nominees have offered unique views with a horror icon, a startling true crime, Watergate from a different angle, uplifting female Taiko drummers, political prisoners drawn by acclaimed animation artists, racing from within the driver’s seat, unsung WWII heroes and more. And the utterly unique Award This! bold and diverse categories include Indie Sci-Fi, Documentary, Indie Horror, Indie Comedy, Indie LGBTQ+ Film, Unreal Outsiders Documentary Indie Action/Thriller, Indie Drama, Indie Romance, Music Documentary, Indie Animation, Films About Filmmaking, WTF Indie, Pop Culture Documentary, Socially Relevant Documentary, Short Film, Best Director, Best Directress, Indie Made for Less Than the Contents of an Oscar Gift Bag (Under $100K), and Indie Movie of the Year.

“…indie filmmakers continue to show us that there are no limits in cinema.”

“Hollywood often shows us that they can re-make anything, but indie filmmakers continue to show us that there are no limits in cinema. Award This! and Film Threat are here to champion voices that color outside the lines. Independent cinema rises like a phoenix away from the studio cutting room floor. Join us as we cheer on the rebel artists on December 10th,” states Film Threat publisher and Award This!  producer Chris Gore.” And it’s always fun to party with a group of amazing and eclectic filmmakers. They really know how to party! Many of them drink like fish. No disrespect to fish.”

The nominating board of Award This! is comprised of the staff of Film Threat’s editors and critics which number 30+ worldwide along with an advisory board of media figures and independent film luminaries.

And now, may we present the Award This! 2023 Nominees

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  1. Angeline says:

    Post the best of the categories, pretty please!

  2. Frank Antonaccio says:

    No love for “The Improviser”?? Easily my favorite discovery i found from this site!!

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