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By Film Threat Staff | February 20, 2001

The 2001 Slamdance Film Festival presented its share of challenges to attending filmmakers and festival fanatics, the first of which was just getting up the damn mountain. The festival moved from its original home of four years, the conveniently located Treasure Mountain Inn, to a larger venue at the Silver Mine. The only trouble was that the Silver Mine was located a mile off Main Street. That didn’t seem to stop eager festivalgoers from seeing Slamdance Films. Busloads of people were brought up by a shuttle service on Main Street and hitchhiking up the hill was pretty easy. While the Treasure Mountain Inn barely held just 100 people, the Silver Mine accommodated over 200 seats for ticketholders. The promotion of films was a challenge as well since handing out flyers on Main Street could get one arrested. Flyers had to be posted only in designated areas and those filmmakers wishing to avoid a hefty fine and a night in the pokey followed the law. ^ Despite these difficulties, most screenings were filled to capacity even with the extra share challenge of getting up that hill. Only one day of bad weather prevented attendees from getting to the Mine, on most other days it was packed. ^ The opening night party featured throngs of festivalgoers who found their favorite dance music in one of three areas of the mine. It was overcrowded but that didn’t stop anyone from putting their dancing shoes on. Slamdance wasn’t just about the parties but the scene. Filmmakers exchanged information with other filmmakers, the audience participated in events like the Slamdance Fireside Chats and at one point or another, everybody got drunk. Speaking of getting drunk, Dan Mirvish, the infamous mad-hatter, wore a baker’s hat the entire time. It’s not really practical, in terms of keeping one warm in below freezing weather, but he sure was easy to spot in the crowd. ^ There is truly a Slamdance Spirit that permeates the atmosphere as Slamdance establishes itself as the premiere alternative festival in Park City. Here’s Film Threat’s Slamdance 2001 Film Festival review round up…
[ COMPETITION FEATURES ] ^ American Chai AUDIENCE AWARD: BEST FEATURE ^ Barking Dogs Never Bite BEST EDITING ^ Black Days ^ Daydream Believer BEST DRAMATIC FEATURE ^ Hybrid GRAND JURY AWARD: BEST FEATURE ^ Memento Mori KODAK VISION AWARD: BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY ^ Paul is Dead ^ Play Dead ^ Shocking Truth ^ The Trouble with Lou MOVIEMAKER BREAKTHROUGH AWARD ^ Up Syndrome ^ Virgil Bliss
[ SPECIAL SCREENING SHORTS ] ^ Telling Lies ^ Titanic: The True Story ^ Wrist
[ COMPETITION SHORTS ] ^ The Amish Friendship Bread Conspiracy ^ Bean Cake ^ Boundaries GRAND JURY AWARD: BEST SHORT ^ The Caller ^ Days of Being ^ The Good Things ^ Here ^ Me and the Big Guy ^ Me and the Moilsies ^ The Old Man and the Goblins ILFORD BLACK AND WHITE AWARD ^ Questions and Answers ^ White Face AUDIENCE AWARD: BEST SHORT ^ Window
[ SPECIAL SCREENING FEATURES ] ^ Brooklyn Babylon ^ Falling Like This ^ Spike and Mike’s Twisted Animation Slamdance Edition ^ Wendigo
[ LOUNGE SHORTS ] ^ 9mm of Love ^ The Accountant ^ The Ballad of Little Roger Mead SPIRIT OF SLAMDANCE AWARD ^ The Birthday Cake ^ Change ^ Down a Dark Chimney ^ Eyeball Eddie ^ Faust/The Lost Feminine ^ Hitclown ^ Knuckleface Jones ^ Making a Killing ^ Monkey vs. Robot ^ Oui We ^ Penny Theatre ^ Phases ^ Pop Gun ^ Uncle Eugene ^ Warplay ^ What a Girl Wants ^ yOORinal
[ ANARCHY FILMS ] ^ Bad Habits ^ Fledgling ^ The Lizard Whomper ^ Michael Bell ^ Night Deposit ^ Voodoo GLOBAL ANARCHY AUDIENCE AWARD
[ $99 SPECIALS ] ^ ~*angelbaby*~ ^ Alex ^ Ben Boyer and the Phenomenology of Automobile Branding ^ Besa Mi Culo ^ Beware of Dog ^ Never Date an Actress ^ Significant Others ^ The Third Date ^ The White Girl Theme
[ LOUNGE FEATURES ] ^ 23 Hours ^ Corrections ^ Prophet Speaks ^ William Gibson: No Maps for These Territories
Note to Filmmakers: If your film did not receive a review in our Slamdance 2001 round up, please just send us a copy on video and we will be sure to get it covered on the site. ^ Your pals at Film Threat
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