If you spent the previous decade snooping around the Internet for porn, you are probably familiar with Raven Riley. For a brief period, she was the sassy, funny queen of the X-rated webcams – and her fan base was so intense that some viewers wrote songs about her while others queried her for advice on their love lives. She was on the verge of crossing over from the fringe world of adult entertainment into the mainstream, but she abruptly withdrew from the limelight and left behind a trail of chaos.

This fascinating documentary by David Pilot traces Raven’s unlikely rise from teenage slacker in small town Ohio to clothing-free goddess. Unwilling to go to college and unhappy about the prospect of joining her mother in a job as a nursing home aide, she accepted an invitation from a friend to pose in some bikini shots for a local photographer. More gigs followed, and these involved fewer garments of clothing. In short time, Raven was packaged into the Internet’s naughty girl next door, with website that was rich with webcam shows, suggestive photos and saucy blog postings.

Raven was clever enough to keep her growing online fan base entertained and shrewd enough to demand a substantial cut of the revenues from her online exploits from her business partners Tom Leach and Jay Morris. She even brought in her boyfriend, a handsome Army vet, to co-star in a series of short comic porn videos – a wise move, since their romantic chemistry and goofy on-screen personalities helped give these videos an uncommon degree of charm that pleased her audience.

But Raven tripped up in several ways. She foolishly believed that the vastness of the Internet would prevent friends and families from discovering her online activities – of course, they found out, which isolated her from those who championed her during her formative years. And her effort to become an actress with the erotic horror film “Succubus” short-circuited when the film proved to be a financial failure – and, truth be told, she lacked the talent to anchor a feature-length narrative. Her marriage to her boyfriend seemed to bring some degree of security, but Raven’s surprise decision to jettison her mini-porn kingdom ended in divorce, litigation, and bitter feelings with those who helped bring her to XXX stardom.

Why Raven decided to call it quits so early is not clear – she opted not to participate in the final portion of this documentary, and the comments from her still-angry collaborators give the impression of dramatically out-of-character behavior. (The men in her life were driven to extremes – fundamentalist religion or self-destructive behavior – after she left, which says more about them than about her.) Perhaps she realized that her vogue was expiring – in several videos from her webcam shows, she comments with puzzlement over the shrinking audience levels. A photo of Raven posing with Paris Hilton offers a quiet lesson in the failure to differentiate between notoriety and popularity.

Director Pilot does a marvelous job in piecing together a crazy quilt of insightful interviews and smutty video clips into a stunning profile of a sexy yet elusive creature. This is one of the most intelligent and provocative films about the adult entertainment business.

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  1. Love you and I see you soon

  2. Robert says:

    Well the best thing she could of done now i am finally able to bring happiness to her life and we never gonna do any things to do with a site or her doi porn regardless of her friend liz vicious she doesn’t want to let her fad away from any lime light with fake profiles

  3. Ed smith says:

    She is a scammer and slut she now has a tramp stamp tatoo. She needs to spend some time behind bars. She is no good.

  4. Calvin Rice says:

    Myself I’m taking to a lady that claim to be Raven Riley for the past five years,it seems like to me ,everytime it comes time to meet in person, something always seem to happen, it’s always about money, like now her passport and Visa has expired,wish I knew for what’s going on.

  5. Gary Love says:

    I have her or someone pretending to be her and I’m quite fond of the visits we have had for almost two years. I was shocked and disappointed to discover Ravin Riley she is the sweet beautiful woman I have been talking to for many lonely nights talked to someone yesterday hope it was her and hope she is not doing that anymore she seems like a great person

  6. Gary Gurule says:

    Watch out for Kiki Bella on Facebook it’s Leroy Gurule a retired old man pretending he’s Kiki Bella using Raven Riley s photos trying to scam money he got me for 40dollars phone card I never heard of Raven Riley till klki send me a friend request I started to fall for it then I did some research on the internet and Kiki s face appeared as Raven Riley The porn Star beautiful young lady I almost fell for it Kiki Bella on face is fake

  7. Glenn says:

    Talking to a girl name Carlt who claims to be Raven. Says she in Hawaii and wants to come fly to SC to meet me if I allow her dad company to wire money to me for me to send to her. I’m so sure. But I’m playing along

  8. David L. Parker says:

    Beautiful Raven Riley ~ At paths intersection: coffee, dance tango, explore wondrous “NOW” of what “IS”; til then, be good, if not, be good at it ????… Be the happiness you seek “NOW” ~ David

  9. Rod Brantmeier says:

    She’s not scamming anyone. They’re are massive amounts of scammers out there doing that. I, for one, got scammed for $500 worth of itune cards.
    They never asked me for a specific amount but I picked that number myself to impress her.
    Later I found out a lady in Nigeria had access to her videos and pics. She had a great and believable story to tug at my heart strings.
    Yes, at first, I thought it was Sarah too but the quality of the English language gave it away. Please don’t be hard on Sarah Pate aka Raven Riley. Ok?

  10. Randall amos says:

    She has moved into scamming lonely guys, for the past year, I’ve Ben writing with her and video chats, and phone calls, she took me for close to $4000 in iTunes cards, plane tickets, bus tickets. When she couldn’t get more money out of me, she directed other girls on how to abuse my trust and took me for another $1000.00 though there efforts. I have reported her and her gang of scammers to the police, waiting to hear if they will Perdue charges against them?

  11. LEW ECKER says:

    Raven left the industry 6 years ago to start a new life. Why cant you jerks leave her alone and get a life of your own. you guys will do anything for a dollar you are pathetic.

  12. stan smith says:

    yes where can I get this movie

  13. Jeff christopher says:

    So where can I watch the movie?

  14. Rick Kisonak says:

    Phil, really fine piece. I enjoyed it almost as much as the fact that the If You Liked This section links your review to mine of the ghastly John Cusack dud, The Raven (, a picture no adult could possibly find entertaining. That’s an algorithm with one twisted sense of humor.