If you spent the previous decade snooping around the Internet for porn, you are probably familiar with Raven Riley. For a brief period, she was the sassy, funny queen of the X-rated webcams – and her fan base was so intense that some viewers wrote songs about her while others queried her for advice on their love lives. She was on the verge of crossing over from the fringe world of adult entertainment into the mainstream, but she abruptly withdrew from the limelight and left behind a trail of chaos.

This fascinating documentary by David Pilot traces Raven’s unlikely rise from teenage slacker in small town Ohio to clothing-free goddess. Unwilling to go to college and unhappy about the prospect of joining her mother in a job as a nursing home aide, she accepted an invitation from a friend to pose in some bikini shots for a local photographer. More gigs followed, and these involved fewer garments of clothing. In short time, Raven was packaged into the Internet’s naughty girl next door, with website that was rich with webcam shows, suggestive photos and saucy blog postings.

Raven was clever enough to keep her growing online fan base entertained and shrewd enough to demand a substantial cut of the revenues from her online exploits from her business partners Tom Leach and Jay Morris. She even brought in her boyfriend, a handsome Army vet, to co-star in a series of short comic porn videos – a wise move, since their romantic chemistry and goofy on-screen personalities helped give these videos an uncommon degree of charm that pleased her audience.

But Raven tripped up in several ways. She foolishly believed that the vastness of the Internet would prevent friends and families from discovering her online activities – of course, they found out, which isolated her from those who championed her during her formative years. And her effort to become an actress with the erotic horror film “Succubus” short-circuited when the film proved to be a financial failure – and, truth be told, she lacked the talent to anchor a feature-length narrative. Her marriage to her boyfriend seemed to bring some degree of security, but Raven’s surprise decision to jettison her mini-porn kingdom ended in divorce, litigation, and bitter feelings with those who helped bring her to XXX stardom.

Why Raven decided to call it quits so early is not clear – she opted not to participate in the final portion of this documentary, and the comments from her still-angry collaborators give the impression of dramatically out-of-character behavior. (The men in her life were driven to extremes – fundamentalist religion or self-destructive behavior – after she left, which says more about them than about her.) Perhaps she realized that her vogue was expiring – in several videos from her webcam shows, she comments with puzzlement over the shrinking audience levels. A photo of Raven posing with Paris Hilton offers a quiet lesson in the failure to differentiate between notoriety and popularity.

Director Pilot does a marvelous job in piecing together a crazy quilt of insightful interviews and smutty video clips into a stunning profile of a sexy yet elusive creature. This is one of the most intelligent and provocative films about the adult entertainment business.

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  1. daycass says:

    She started out in “Amateur Facials” blowing Jay Morris. I’ve lost all of my respect for her. I mean, damn.

  2. Blaven Bliley says:

    She’s obviously living in both Ghana and the US at the exact same time while scamming and not scamming people and being married to 3 different guys and 10 of you guys totes know her and aren’t either victims of scams, trolls, or scammers yourselves 😀

    • Lokassa says:

      Well Mr. Bliley the only thing you said that is true is yes she is living in Ghana since 2011. Her father died in 2010 and shortly later went to Ghana. And no I’m not going to say what city she’s at or what her name really is. And she has never scammed anyone and I love her so much

  3. Jackson says:

    Scammed !
    I’ve encountered another Raven Riley scammer. She goes by the name of Alisa Larson. Watch out for her ! Wants cards for her daughter ! Claimed to live in Denver. Beware guys, just another scammer.

  4. Bob says:

    Alisa Larson is another Raven Riley scammer, she will scam you in a heartbeat. Claims to be in Denver, of course I’m sure that’s fake as well. She wants cards for her daughter all the time. Beware of this scammer !!!

  5. Michael Loiret says:

    It appears that she is either living in Togo under tha name of Helena Quao (as of January 29th 2021) or this is yet another scammer using her name – you choose, I aleady have

  6. Michael Loiret says:

    Seems to be using the name Helena Quao and living in Togo (or HQ is yet another scammer) as of 29.1.21

  7. The Jackel says:

    There is so much garbage out here I don’t know where to begin. This person, Raven Riley or Sarah Pate – whatever you want to call her, claims to be in ACCRA GHANA, living with her mother as of JAN 2021. She claims she worked at Walmart for a while there but stopped due to Covid. She states she attended nursing school but had to stop in the second year due to lack of finances. Now, I still believe she “may” be scamming people, but it is very hard to know for sure. I have had a video phone call with this person. It IS the same person in these pictures that you see all over the internet as “Raven Riley”. She explains she does not want to discuss anything about her past life (porn), but at the same time, she DOES hit up for “foodstuffs”, and tries to get money from me for “going to the embassy” to see about coming back to the United States or for “airtime” so she can continue to use her laptop/computer. My guess is, even at 34 or 35 years of age, she hasn’t changed very much, just found an easier, less public way to steal money from people. It’s probably pretty lucrative too. Keystroking 50 men to send you 50 or 100 here, and there adds up pretty fast. One drops off, another fool comes online. The thing that got me though is I was video chatting/talking with Raven Riley, the former porn “star” who no longer does this. If you look at all the online accounts, facebook, twitter, instagram, all of these appear to stop around the 2012 to 2014 time period, and there is very little on any of these with recent comments from HER. I won’t say what platform I spoke with her on or what her e-mail is because I was unable to find any information about these online which probably means it’s fairly new, and if she is scamming with it, comments about her or the e-mail or the platform have not caught up with her online as of January 2021. Having said all of this, it would be a great help if anyone else has had any recent chat sessions with Raven Riley as of January 2021.

  8. Ms says:

    Got me for 280 bucks for sephora gift cards uses ravens images from the web.big time scammer goes by Natalie Gauevuera from Tucson Arizona. Living with sick grandma parents killed in car wreck left her an orphan says shes eastern indian and white.

  9. Hans Stekke says:

    Don’t you understand that Sarah/Raven have been scamming for 12-13 years now??? She is hiding for IRS and FBI. Promise of marriage kost you Ken 10.000? She need kost for mobile phone, car etc. A sugar daddy without sugar. Be wise and if you get her on phone. Leave the number to the FBI! Amazing that girl have been operating for 13 years. STAY AWAY…OR LET HER EMPTY YOUR POCKETS. DONT BLAME ME IF YOU GET ROBBED…

    • Rob says:

      The guy who is claiming Sara pate aka raven Riley is not wanted for anything illegal she has been retired and has not posted any thing in over 9 yrs and look at the pictures of her not one new one and she is 33 now I received a message from her granny and she is in the process of coming back to stay with her granny due to health issues and I am not going to let anyone else say married to or seen or spoken with its not original raven Riley and became of Tom leach and contract problems with yes robbing her and she and Jay were starting own business but lawsuit and money was not able to fight all case’s but some of them settled

  10. Mika Lehtovirta says:

    The real one who has used porn name Raven Riley has never scammed anyone. She is not in Ghana or in States either. Al the people who has talked after 2011 with so called Raven Riley has been scammed all over the world, That real one don`t use phone or social net accounts. Please if anyone contact you by saying or using her pictures, you will be scammed.

    • Ken says:

      Mika you couldn’t be more wrong. Sarah and I have been more than just friends. I have honestly visited her and im not saying where she is at this time. Ive been to where she is several times until this damn virus hit everywhere all over the world. Sarah and I were to be married eariler this year but our wedding was stopped until the president opens our borders for travel. At that time we will be married and still no one will ever know where my wife will be living. One other point of interest fir everyone we will be pursuing the 3 men that stold every penny Sarah earned. I have 3 of the best attorneys around. Im going after Leech and Mann and her Ex husband all 3 aren’t going to get away with this. As fir her manager John he is in the UK and isn’t coming back to the US. If he does, he will be indited for tax evation. In other words he not only took Sarah’s money but other girls as well telling them he was investing their money fir them. But in reality he was sending money into his own account and I cant say where due to our attorney doesn’t want anyone to know. Our attorneys have all the paperwork they need to bring justice to the men that stold her funds and to repay Sarah Pate the funds she earned and deserves. This is it guys the real story about Sarah Pate. She is alive and well and soon will be married. So all of you men stop believing everything all these men are telling you.

      • Crazy one says:

        Ken her manager was Tom leach and he was the only one that managed her and she had been fired and Tom closed all the sites and blogs and sites that she used to talk to her fans and do what she does best but she was not getting her pay that was owed to her her contract was a lucrative deal with part of the company and Jay and her decided to start third pinnacle and she was sued by evils motion and trying to get back with Jay but decided to leave country she was tired of the people who were supposed to be her friends and she felt betrayed and was getting tired of the business and she was trying to distance herself from the porn industry and she is not doing anything to with porn and she doesn’t want to talk about it even though we have been dating for 3 and a half years and I only seen her when we had pc with camera and she had trouble with a motor board??but it was not working right now no camera but we have been face to face 100 of time and it’s finally got another pc and no camera yet but it will soon be ware no raven on any site showing any thing not getting back to showing even pictures of her today so when she is home I Alabama and she wants to continue with her painting hobby and she is very good at what she is doing and I know it’s money that she is going to make but it is a little difficult with coronavirus and traveling but I want anyone else to prove you can answer me some questions only Liz viscous would be able to verify and u know Liz if u know raven even though they are not talking since retirement

        • RYAN says:

          Are you guys joking here about being in a relationship with her? Please say yes and if not the simple way to know is ask yourself is this to good to be true? Be honest answering. Your actually speaking to men pretending to be her from UAE Africa and other places. Com on guys let’s get with it here and heads out of your a***s your being scammed

      • Hans Stekke says:

        You are so scammed Ken! How much have you “helped” her with cash? She is a real scammer and make her living out of it. There is a reason she is not living in US. She is wanted by the IRS. I guess she is living in a country with no extraditing agreement with US. Canada or Brazil. If you are underage I understand. This girl is 34. Maybe you are 64 and h***y. You never see Sarah again when she know the cover is blown. She is the real scammer and make her living out of it. Why do you think I got updated pictures of Sarah today? She organised a scammer organisation . You are a victim. Contact IRS or FBI and help them take her down.

  11. Taken advantage of says:

    I was scammed by this girl. For about four months
    . She claimed to be Monica Hannah Daniel. Living in Houston Texas. She sucked 1600 dollars out of me and even saw her on a hangouts can one evening. I had no idea who Raven Riley was until she texted me one night.
    And explained that she was a ex porn star and apologized. I fell in love with this woman, and can’t get her face out of my head. She told me that she is broke. Has a baby girl with her ex husband. And is living in porn industry housing in Texas. If anyone has more information about this woman, please text me at below gmail. Thanks

  12. Thomas Clark says:

    Where do you think Raven/Sarah is now?

    • Finnick The Fierce says:

      I can tell you EXACTLY where this girl is. She’s claiming to be living in Ghana. And she is online, perhaps scamming old duffers like me out of money. But I’m wise to her. The AMAZING thing about this is I video chatted with this girl very briefly, and sure as hamhocks, she was in that video, on my zoom camera showing herself off to me. Not naked or anything but it was her. I have no doubt in my mind as I looked through all the photographs online, and the pictures she sent to me. I’m going to confront her about all of this tomorrow 09/10/2020. I can’t wait to try and figure this out, and see how she responds with the information I have.

  13. J.Marlo says:

    So the assumption is that anyone claiming to be Sarah Pate or Raven Riley on Instagram or any other media is a scammer.
    She has completely left all social media. And has no interest in returning anytime soon.
    Sarah, where ever you are, god bless, stay safe and enjoy your freedom from all this s**t.
    Scammers, leave her alone. Let her live in peace.

  14. Jim P. says:

    Wish Sarah Pate (AKA Raven Riley) a quiet peaceful life. There is one girl in particular that copies Raven Riley’s photos and videos and of course claims to be her. If ever on Instagram stay away from Linda Skeleton 26. Who ever it is does a good job of downloading videos and photos. Her 4 post are of Raven Riley. I wish the real Raven Riley would put an end to all of the scammers using her photos and videos.

  15. Jah andrews says:

    Ive been reporting and blocking Raven Rileys profiles on multiple sites for years and getting them removed 100s,but they appear as quick as i get them removed.last year i noticed a drop in Ravens stolen images appearing online for the porpose of scamming,but lately ive slowly noticed there was a small amount returning.I wish Raven well and have total empathy with her,Cant you people leave her to live her life,and if thers one thing you can be sure of ,if your talking to Raven on any site,you can be sure it aint her.Grow up guys and give your head a wobble,ITS NOT RAVEN YOUR CHATTING TO.

  16. Cordell says:

    So how are we to know which is real? The woman I met was named Caroline Helen Dupond but she called herself Helen. She video chat me and we called each other but for very short times and the videos was blurry didn’t seem right.

  17. Deb says:

    I talked to the real Raven Riley on the phone yesterday along with ive been on video chat almost every day last year..she is the real Raven as she looks exactly like her photos from her portfolio from her earlier years.

    • Robert morley says:

      Deb u didn’t talk to raven Riley even she is not using a telephone it was stolen in sept by a few people who stole everything she had i pad we use to to talk on Skype or whats app and I mem
      Raven Riley is retired and has not had any social media on any sife4

      Raven Riley is got no phone it was stolen after her birthday about a phone i pad gone but we got her old computer until till pc but it not equipped with cam but so we can video chat i’l can telll u she is not going to come out of retirement and poxt porn she has no plans to ever return to porn it was due to Tom leach change every pw user name so she got locked out of all sites and she was trying to open own business with Jay Morris or Jay mann as he goes by and law suits she knew that it was going to be a long and expensive so she decided to go in to hiding in another country untill she could return to Pennsylvania and live with a paocher chasing and training in Africa for gray mammals


  18. Steve Knight says:

    Ok, I’m sorry but reading the comments here is hilarious. She was lying the whole time, I busted her and then she started claiming she really was Raven Riley. Admittedly I goofed and gave it away too quick. Caught her in all those lies and left her swearing up and down that it was her, and that she needed money to reactivate her airtime so she could use her phone’s camera. She was going by the name of Mercy Boateng. Her language skills were horrible, no way she’s an American. She claimed that her mom was South African from Ghana. This person was a very bad liar. Don’t fall for her lies guys!

    • Thomas Clark says:

      My brother is being scammed by a women calling herself Deborah Abrokwah who claims she was Raven
      Riley and claims to be living in Kumasi Ghana.

  19. Jose Schallier says:

    Raven is een el vriendelijk mooi, sexy meisje, gaat snel uit de kleren en blijkt mooier naakt dan al haar geparfumeerde vrienden en vriendinnen, ik had het (on)geluk haar te ontmoeten.
    Maar voor mij is zij de mooiste van de wereldbol. Ik hoop dat zij deze zinnen toegestuurd krijgt en dat ze nog veel geluk mag hebben
    Jose schallier

  20. Eddie says:

    Lol Sarah Pate is doing quite well these days. She is not a scammer I can tell you this! She does not need to scam lets face it when you’re that beautiful you never will need to scam!lolPEACE

  21. Robert says:

    This documentary is a lost thing on the internet. Even the last page on Google didnt reveal anything. I really like to know what was going about Sarah and Jay etc
    Bummer 🙁

    • Raven Skye says:

      In response to the person asking about Jay, I know Jay personally. He’s doing pretty good. But that’s all I’ll say. It’s not my place to give out his personal business. If you’re that interested, look him up on Facebook (since his posts are public). As far as Raven (Sarah) goes… I have never met her, but she does have an old Facebook. It’s been abandoned as of 2014. All I know is as of 2014 she was still living up in Ohio. She still does… I think. Raven has 2 daughters. As for Liz (Mindy), I have never met her, either. She also still lives up in Ohio. Liz has 1 daughter and is married. Jay lives in Arkansas (same state I’m in).

  22. Michael Hudson says:

    I don’t know why Raven or Sarah decided to quit the adult entertainment industry. But I’m sure that she had her reasons. I like this documentary because it gives some more insight to this troubled women’s life. I hope wherever she is that she is happy. I would like to meet her some day.

  23. Bob Adkins says:

    What is she doing now ?

  24. Rick Townley says:

    I spoke with her I kno where she’s at

    • Rob says:

      You don’t know anything about were she is lol u tell me if you think you know I know that you don’t see I live with her and she is my friend who is with benefits and I can tell you that she is not where any one knows about it is a lie she is not in the usa but she is with me and she is not going to return born again and she is happy with her new life that I will garranty 😇💯💥

    • Robert says:

      No you don’t talk to her and u don’t know were she is

    • Michael Hudson says:

      So where is she if you know.? Share!

      • Robert says:

        She is with her granny in Alabama and she is dating me and she is not going to ever return to porn she is happy and doing well I understand that every one thinks they know we’re she is but it is inpossile to know when she has mot been in contact with anyone else in the business and no friends from her past lia 19 kate ground brook Skye no longer has contact with outside of her house and friends who don’t know what she was but she is happy and enjoying her life 😜💯

      • Rob says:

        She is not going to reveal her location but she is in Alabama and living with her new boyfriend and living with her grandmother

        • Robert morley says:

          love you and miss you i will be visiting when I can coronavirus is keeping me from getting to visit but it will be in Pennsylvania i f u a nd kj can figure out when coronavirus is restriction is able to allow more freedom but get a chance to be touching ur awesome body and kiss you 💖 all over urd sexy wet and juicy p***y with you again soon i dream of u often and I hope you will please see my message and reply 🍆🍊

  25. Mike Scavone says:

    Did riley have a baby?

  26. Calvin rice says:

    Was Raven Riley really married to this guy she Co stared in subbuss

  27. Charles warren says:

    Raven this is your man charles from waco texas. And my hats off to you honey your one tough woman

  28. Skeeter says:

    Old lonely men – No one wants to meet you in person, especially not young beautiful women. You are being scammed. Stop sending money. Cute young girls don’t have to fly across the country to meet a fat old dude. Try meeting someone your age and of similar attractiveness. If whomever you are chatting with is attractive, there is s 99.99% chance they are using someone else’s photo in effort to get you to send them money or gift cards.

    On topic – I spent many tissues on Raven Riley during my teenage years. Hope she’s doing well.

    • Robert says:

      Raven riley is doing well she is got a regular boyfriend who loves her and she loves him and they don’t want nothing to do with Tom leach and Jay mann or any people from her past she has moved on to new adventures with her mab

  29. Love you and I see you soon

  30. Robert says:

    Well the best thing she could of done now i am finally able to bring happiness to her life and we never gonna do any things to do with a site or her doi porn regardless of her friend liz vicious she doesn’t want to let her fad away from any lime light with fake profiles

  31. Ed smith says:

    She is a scammer and slut she now has a tramp stamp tatoo. She needs to spend some time behind bars. She is no good.

  32. Calvin Rice says:

    Myself I’m taking to a lady that claim to be Raven Riley for the past five years,it seems like to me ,everytime it comes time to meet in person, something always seem to happen, it’s always about money, like now her passport and Visa has expired,wish I knew for what’s going on.

  33. Gary Love says:

    I have her or someone pretending to be her and I’m quite fond of the visits we have had for almost two years. I was shocked and disappointed to discover Ravin Riley she is the sweet beautiful woman I have been talking to for many lonely nights talked to someone yesterday hope it was her and hope she is not doing that anymore she seems like a great person

  34. Gary Gurule says:

    Watch out for Kiki Bella on Facebook it’s Leroy Gurule a retired old man pretending he’s Kiki Bella using Raven Riley s photos trying to scam money he got me for 40dollars phone card I never heard of Raven Riley till klki send me a friend request I started to fall for it then I did some research on the internet and Kiki s face appeared as Raven Riley The porn Star beautiful young lady I almost fell for it Kiki Bella on face is fake

  35. Glenn says:

    Talking to a girl name Carlt who claims to be Raven. Says she in Hawaii and wants to come fly to SC to meet me if I allow her dad company to wire money to me for me to send to her. I’m so sure. But I’m playing along

  36. David L. Parker says:

    Beautiful Raven Riley ~ At paths intersection: coffee, dance tango, explore wondrous “NOW” of what “IS”; til then, be good, if not, be good at it ????… Be the happiness you seek “NOW” ~ David

  37. Rod Brantmeier says:

    She’s not scamming anyone. They’re are massive amounts of scammers out there doing that. I, for one, got scammed for $500 worth of itune cards.
    They never asked me for a specific amount but I picked that number myself to impress her.
    Later I found out a lady in Nigeria had access to her videos and pics. She had a great and believable story to tug at my heart strings.
    Yes, at first, I thought it was Sarah too but the quality of the English language gave it away. Please don’t be hard on Sarah Pate aka Raven Riley. Ok?

  38. Randall amos says:

    She has moved into scamming lonely guys, for the past year, I’ve Ben writing with her and video chats, and phone calls, she took me for close to $4000 in iTunes cards, plane tickets, bus tickets. When she couldn’t get more money out of me, she directed other girls on how to abuse my trust and took me for another $1000.00 though there efforts. I have reported her and her gang of scammers to the police, waiting to hear if they will Perdue charges against them?

    • Jakethesnake says:

      Raven never did any scamming it you numb skulls out there …you all deserve it …yes you are all that dumb ….not only raven but many other hot girls pics are stolen and used to scam all of you …you all probably voted for scammer donald trump …..geez get off the weed

  39. LEW ECKER says:

    Raven left the industry 6 years ago to start a new life. Why cant you jerks leave her alone and get a life of your own. you guys will do anything for a dollar you are pathetic.

  40. stan smith says:

    yes where can I get this movie

  41. Jeff christopher says:

    So where can I watch the movie?

  42. Rick Kisonak says:

    Phil, really fine piece. I enjoyed it almost as much as the fact that the If You Liked This section links your review to mine of the ghastly John Cusack dud, The Raven (, a picture no adult could possibly find entertaining. That’s an algorithm with one twisted sense of humor.

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