Bruce Eddy’s “Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” is yet another variation on “The Big Chill,” with a group of college buddies reuniting in the early phases of alleged adulthood for some nostalgia, emotional inventory checking, and dime store philosophizing. The one difference is that this group is made up of the male members of an a cappella singing group. Thus, it’s “The Big Chill Lite with Music.”

There’s a wedding at the center of this flick, and the old gang takes a break from their dead-end lives to rev up the old musical magic while sending one of their own into the world of grown-up actions. In this go-round, the old gang have morphed into an attorney reeling from a divorce, the would-be techie who does customer service telephone support for a computer company, the recording industry gofer, the humorless businessman and the spacey stud. And, not surprisingly, these guys have a bunch of wacky but good-natured women who put up with the endless adolescence of their men.

It’s all a case of been-there, done-that, although the singing is nice. Still, do we really need another movie with thirtysomethings who ache to re-live their college years? C’mon, guys, grow up!

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