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By Charles Martin | June 29, 2000

Gee, I’d like to go all around the world, but darn it, I just can’t afford it. Hey, I know! I’ll make a film about going all around the world and get investors to pay for my trip! Brilliant!
A guy in Germany throws a stone. It flies all around the world. It comes back to him. In the meantime, we get lots of stock footage and shots of people in various cultures pointing up and saying “look out!” and whatnot. If you saw the Jittlov short “The Wizard of Speed and Time,” you’ll remember the part where he slips on the banana peel at high speed. This is that sequence again, only longer and not funny.
To be fair, the stock footage is blended in seamlessly, and the filmmaker really did go to Germany, France, Greece, the US, Thailand and India to get her “look out!” footage. It’s a great short for kids or stay-at-homes, and fun for travellers to say “I’ve been there!” in the four seconds that (insert your favourite tourist destination here) is onscreen. Everyone else will be left trying to remember if they really saw it, or were they watching the Travel Channel?

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