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By Bobby LePire | December 9, 2021

Star Michael Erger makes his debut as a writer, director, producer, and editor with Pescador. The story is about biochemistry professor Sara (Aimee Guichard) and her boyfriend, Billy (Erger). While still reeling from her divorce, Sara is longing for a child, but her significant other suffers from “lazy sperm.” So, in an effort to become pregnant, Sara has invited her graduate student, Wren (Nikki Snipper), and her boyfriend, Mark (Shawn Hawkins), over for dinner.

There, the older couple plan on asking the younger one for Mark’s sperm to be used to get Sara pregnant. This request understandably shocks Wren and Mak. However, Sara and Billy separate the two, ply them with alcohol, and really get to know them. They do this in hopes of getting enough information to understand what the couple would want out of the deal, as the generous monetary compensation does not seem to entice them as intended.

Pescador has one flaw, but it is significant. With very minor rewrites, this could be a stage play. It primarily takes place in one location, minus the odd, though very amusing digressions into Sara’s mind. The camera is often static, just watching the actors react to the somewhat absurd premise and various happenings.

“…the older couple plan on asking the younger one for Mark’s sperm…”

But! Oh, what acting is on display here. Guichard plays the sheer desperation and giddiness of Sara with natural charm and unwavering certainty. This means that audiences still root for her despite the character’s selfishness. The actor’s chemistry with Erger is also quite good. For his part, Erger is endearing and funny as hell as the slow but well-meaning Billy.

Billy is a gambler, an awful one at that, and Hawkins plays that angle with the right amount of silliness and irritation at himself. For her role, Snipper brings a lot of the drama, as the one most skeptical of the deal. Her serious-mindedness allows the viewers to also find humor and gravitas in the story, as she does.

These wonderful cast members bring to life the strong script of Pescador. The relationships between each person are well-plotted, and what they get out of knowing one another is never in question. In addition, Erger ably balances the humor and drama well, so there is never tonal whiplash, which could be a problem if the filmmaker weren’t so attentive.

Pescador, which translates to fisher or angler (depending), is not the most cinematic title available. In fact, it is only an okay movie, but it’d make for a stellar play. Still, what is offered by the screenplay and cast is enough to give the title overall a hearty recommendation.

Pescador (2021)

Directed and Written: Michael Erger

Starring: Aimee Guichard, Michael Erger, Nikki Snipper, Shawn Hawkins, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Pescador Image

"…wonderful cast members bring to life the strong script..."

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