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By Film Threat Staff | October 9, 2003

On September 19-21, sellout crowds descended upon the 2003 Sidewalk Film Festival, where filmmakers enjoyed southern hospitality and movie-goers treated themselves to catered sushi concessions, trendy festival merchandise, and a varied high-quality slate of films.
Top Five Feature Films
1. “The Real Old Testament” ^ 2. “The Movie Hero” ^ 3. “Happy Hour” ^ 4. “Take a Deep Breath” ^ 5. A Foreign Affair
Top Five Documentary Films
1. Tom Dowd and the Language of Music ^ 2. Standing on my Sisters’ Shoulders ^ 3. King of Bluegrass ^ 4. Hitler’s Hat ^ 5. Entertaining Vietnam
In only its second year, the San Diego Film Festival screened an impressive slate of both well-known festival favorites and unknown surprise favorites to crowded theaters throughout the long weekend of September 17-21. filmBUZZ’s top BUZZ Score films are listed below.
Top Five Feature Films
1. “Saints and Soldiers” ^ 2. “Pieces of April” ^ 3. Dummy ^ 4. “I Am David” ^ 5. “Bachelorman”
Top Five Documentary Films
1. “Our House” ^ 2. “Broadway: The Golden Age” ^ 3. “True Whispers” ^ 4. Scrabylon ^ 5. “Shelter Dogs”
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