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By Norman Gidney | June 24, 2018

An ax-wielding granny is on the rampage in this horror comedy short

Granny (Maggie Dence) is pissed. Wielding an ax, she chases after Donny (Tel Benjamin) whom she has already harpooned in the leg with a knitting needle. The grindhouse-style credit sequence flashes in grainy neon tones and before we know it, we are back in the action. Donny falls on the coffee table in the living room after one swift tug on the thread in his leg. Looking up at the living room wall, written in blood, are the words “I WILL NOT GO!” next to pamphlets for assisted living facilities and old folks homes.  Then the doorbell rings.

The new horror comedy short Granny, is, in a word, hilarious. Leaning hard on grindhouse and camp, director David Burrowes, with co-writer Dean Burr, craft a chuckle-inducing yarn of a vengeful nana that refuses to be sent away. All of the horror clichés are here too and mostly played to great comic effect. We have the dutch angles, the frantic musical score, we even get a hilarious scene as two officers come to Granny’s door after getting reports of screaming coming from the home.

“…direction is witty, filled with plenty of great comic timing.”

Big and Broad, the jokes fly at a rapid pace. As Donny attempts to flee the murderous matriarch the story takes us to the streets, a swingers party, and we come face-to-face with an undercharged scooter (a joke that is a bit overused).

The cast is a lot of fun with Granny herself, (Maggie Dence) rightfully dominating the 15-minute short. Meanwhile, Burrowes direction is witty, filled with plenty of great comic timing. The script written by Burrowes and Dean Burr really needed to cut to the chase which it does.

Granny is good for harmless chuckles, but I would love to see much more of this story. I would love to see who she has for dinner on Sundays

Granny (2018) Directed by David Burrowes. Written by Dean Burr, David Burrowes. Starring Maggie Dence,

6 out of 10

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