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By Film Threat Staff | November 1, 2005

M. Night Shyamalan got all worked up last week at Orlando’s Show East convention when asked about the coming trend in Hollywood to shorten–or outright eliminate–the delay between a film’s theatrical run and its debut on DVD and pay-per-view. He even directed some of his anger at Steven Soderbergh and Mark Cuban’s “2929 Entertainment” which plans to release a series of six independent films simultaneously in theaters, on DVD and pay-per-view. They believe their strategy will give viewers more options and circumvent an outmoded, inefficient distribution system.

Said the master of the contrived plot twist, “Art is the ability to convey that we are not alone. When I sit down next to you in a movie theater, we get to share each other’s point of view. We become part of a collective soul. That’s the magic in the movies.” Shyamalan neglected to mention people kicking your seat, talking throughout the movie as well as those who cannot turn off their cell phones.

In a shocking and unseen twist, Shyamalan then said, “I’m going to stop making movies if they end the cinema experience. If there’s a last film that’s released only theatrically, it’ll have my name on it. This is life or death to me.” He then pushed a button on his belt and an alien spaceship appeared and took him back to Philadelphia.

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