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By Film Threat Staff | July 11, 2002

It was gonna happen sooner or later. The Shut Up Little Man recordings have finally been turned into a feature film called “Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth”. Let the hate begin!

For those that don’t know, “Shut Up Little Man” is a series of recordings featuring the drunken ranting, raving and physical violence between two crazy old men, Peter and Raymond. The recordings were made by Peter and Raymond’s neighbors, Eddie and Mitchell, at their apartment in the Haight District of San Francsico, who were at first freaked out to hear the ruckus going on next door. When asking the two drunks to keep it down, they were met with threats of violence. So the Eddie and Mitchell began making tapes of the daily feuds to use as evidence in case anything major ever went down. But the tapings turned into an obsession and Eddie and Mitchell found themselves not only vastly entertained by Peter and Raymond, but also began mimicking them constantly. The recordings were sent to friends and local radio stations as a goof and that’s when the “Shut Up Little Man” craze began. The tapes spread and Eddie and Mitchell found themselves being contacted by fans all over the world. A play based on the recordings was produced and many people, including Johnny Depp, took great interest in seeing “Shut Up Little Man” get turned into a movie.

Now, here it is, described as “Waiting for Godot” and “The Odd Couple” in hell, “Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth” follows Pete & Ray as they imbibe massive quantities of vodka, report each other to 911 and get hauled off to jail, and generally raise the ire of all those whose lives they disrupt. A bittersweet slice of urban Americana to be sure.

Directed by Robert Taicher (producer of “Holy Mountain”), “Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth” screens at the Laemmle Fairfax 1 in Los Angeles on July 13th as part of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

For more information, go to the official website of Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth.

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