By Chris Gore | December 10, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: In 1932, a young girl went missing in the Australian outback…

One night, in the Australian outback in the early 1930s, a young girl (MEMPHIS KELLY) steps out of her bedroom window – entranced by the beautiful, beaming moon. When her parents go to check on their sleeping child, she is nowhere to be found.

The mother (KAARIN FAIRFAX) and father (PAUL KELLY), recent settlers in the rugged landscape, spend the night looking for her. To no avail. By early morning, the father turns to the local police for help. The Sergeant (CHRIS HAYWOOD) suggests that Allman (DAVID FIELD) and their very best man, Aboriginal tracker Albert (KELTON PELL) set out to find her. But the father revolts – insisting “no blackfella is to set foot on my land.”

Instead, he gathers together as many white men as he can find, and conducts a line search across the desolate plains in search of the child. Albert watches helplessly as her every trace is stamped to dust.

Sometime later, the daughter is still missing, and the mother makes a decision to take responsibility into her own hands, to reconcile the loss of her child. She goes to find Albert…

ONE NIGHT THE MOON is based on the true story of Aboriginal Tracker Riley in Dubbo in the 1930s, who was awarded the King’s Medal for his services to the Police Force. His grandson, Michæl Riley, directed the documentary Black Tracker in 1997, which became the inspiration for ONE NIGHT THE MOON.

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