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By Brian Shaer | December 7, 2020

Nothing says “male bonding exercise” better than murder. At least, that’s what Julian, Tony, Brian, and Joe discover in the tepid but never boring Redville.

Redville High School’s Class of 1999 gather for one last hoorah at a graduation party hosted by all-around good guy Julian Johnson (played as a teenager by Gabe Romano; as an adult by Scott Thomson). While people mingle, Julian and his best friends Tony (played as a teenager by Anthony Mucci; as an adult by Paul Sacchetti), Brian (played as a teenager by Justin Hetzer; as an adult by Brian Kurtz), and Joe (played as a teenager by Michael French; as an adult by Joe Reilly), hang out around the bonfire and chat optimistically about their hopes and dreams for the future.

“…old wounds run deep, and no one holds a grudge quite like Tony.”

Tony has eyes for Karen (played as a teenager by Tiffany Maroncelli; as an adult by Jessie Seib), much to the dismay of his actual girlfriend, Mandy (played as a teenager by Julia Grock; as an adult by Alyssa Brackley). After Mandy spies Karen giving Tony her phone number, Joe comforts her like any good friend. However, in the process, Joe essentially professes his love for her, and in the heat of the moment, he betrays the bro-code and kisses Mandy, which Tony unfortunately witnesses.

Tony is the type of guy who would blow his stack if he received the wrong flavor of ice cream, so, of course, he attacks Joe. Eventually, Tony storms off, and Redville High’s graduating class has a new and noteworthy high school memory.

Flash forward twenty years, and Julian is now the mayor, Tony is a suspense author, Brian is living in Northern California, and Joe is a shifty used car salesman. Julian wrangles the guys in order to console Tony following his wife’s, Karen, sudden death in a car accident. But old wounds run deep, and no one holds a grudge quite like Tony.

Redville (2020)

Directed: Sean Cranston

Written: Sean Cranston, Scott Thomson

Starring: Gabe Romano, Scott Thomson, Anthony Mucci, Paul Sacchetti, Justin Hetzer, Brian Kurtz, Michael French, Joe Reilly, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Redville Image

"…accelerates from zero to sixty, sometimes in the course of a single scene."

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  1. Nate Wood says:

    This movie grew on me

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