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By Mark Bell | January 25, 2007

The rental car, that is. Got to remember to put gas in the thing before I get passed Kimball Junction this evening or Zack and I could get stranded in the pass… and I’d have to eat him to survive.

The countdown to the end continues, as we still have today-Saturday in town, but most of our festival friends are bugging out tomorrow morning/afternoon. Though I’ll see many of these righteous bastards at SXSW, it’ll still be sad to see them go.

I’ve got a few interviews today, and will try to get some footage of the Music on Main concert (fan of the Shiny Toy Guns), on top of a few screenings this evening. Finally going to get to catch “The Ten,” and I can’t wait for that one. Heard mixed, sure, but I’ve also been told it would fit my sensibilities so… should be fun. Better be.

The interview with Crispin Glover and David Brothers went well, I think, and it went on for a good 40 minutes. Got it all on tape, so it will be edited and posted on the site post-Park City (when I can really focus on editing down the piece). I think it really hit its stride when the two of them started discussing the film, and their ideas, as if I and the camera weren’t there. They did this quite a bit as the questions and answers came, so it was a cool way to see how things developed.

It’s 8:35am. Zack should be starting “Black Snake Moan” right now. I, on the other hand, am updating the site in the press HQ (easiest wireless solution at the festival). This morning’s drive was a rougher one than most, despite getting home and to bed at the same time as practically every other night this week, I feel more tired than normal. Intend to hit the Red Bull and get some real food soon, however, but I am a bit blurry-eyed at the moment.

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    When you see the video, you’ll see that the conversation never flowed in that direction, and it would’ve been very odd to bring it up.

  2. Michael Ferraro says:

    You didn’t ask Crispin how the whole “Wonka” thing for Epic Movie came about, did you?

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