By Admin | January 18, 2005

This movie is f*****g hilarious. I laughed out loud when I was all alone watching this film and I didn’t care. The premise of a terrible roommate that ends up being supplanted by a demon is original and funny and this film is directed with such skill and humor that it comes off as absolutely genius.

Two roommates; one a slob, the other a neat freak. When the slob, Eric, messes up the apartment on the night of Dave’s big date (Dave being the neat freak), he decides a great way to fix the mess would be to call up a demon to help him clean up. Tod the demon comes over to help Eric out with some cleaning. Only now Tod won’t leave. He drinks the blood of innocents and he is bringing upon us all the end of the world. He also labels all his food, is polite, and Dave gets along with him swell. Now if only Eric would leave….

Roommate from Hell sports some very cool special effects and makeup. There is a minimal amount of CGI, but its well done and effective. Special effects by master Gabe Bartalos (Leprechaun, Skinned Deep) provide the mask of Tod, a grisly visage that doesn’t prevent Kurt Carley from showing all the subtle facial expressions and nuances that Tod expresses. Carley himself is a very funny Schwarzenegger-esque German-accented nightmare. He’s able to get the humor just right. Allan Piper as Dave the neat freak and Joe Smith as Dave have great comedic talent and they click with Carley, as well as with the witty and fast-paced script.

Smart, Simpsons-ish humor and a talented director make this short a definite must see on the list of short horror comedies. It’s brilliantly funny.

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