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By Anthony Miele | April 9, 2000

David Arquette, Scott Caan, Oliver Platt and Martin Landau star in one of the worst films of the millennium, “Ready to Rumble”. Gordie (Arquette) and Sean (Caan) are two sanitation workers (prepare for lots of poop jokes) who idolize wrestler Jimmy King (fat-boy Oliver Platt). King loses a fight, unfairly of course, and both are devastated, thus setting up the journey to find “The King” and get him back into the ring.
Admittedly, the audience for this film is dumb twelve-year-old boys who will squeeze in a trip to the theater between sex with sis and picking up dad from high school, but is this a valid excuse for making such a dreadfully awful film? Not since we were told to swallow John Travolta’s flabby excuse for a body passing for Nick Cage by simply removing the skin on his head has there been a more ridiculous casting choice. Honestly, are we as an audience, really supposed to believe that Oliver Platt, who has never been more Brando-like, could be passed off as the greatest, most athletic wrestler in the world? Not to mention all of the gross-out jokes that ARE NOT funny and are solely placed to disgust.
If there is one thing to be learned from this abomination of a film, it is the fact that the end of the world MUST be coming soon. Here’s proof: We now live in a world were Ben Affleck is one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood, where the highest grossing domestic film of all time has 63 exact parodies with “George of the Jungle”, and where that annoying “leather-jacket-wearing-cool-guy” from “Head of the Class” is an “A-List” director … unbelievable.

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