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By Film Threat Staff | March 11, 2003

Here’s an interesting email from a filmmaker:
I’ve made a rather dorky film about following PJ Harvey around the world trying to meet her. Basically what I did, which is the premise of the documentary, is write to PJ Harvey’s record company telling them I was a “professional filmmaker” basically because all I wanted to do was meet her. I was planning on traveling through Europe to follow her tour for a little while (okay, I’m a lil passionate) so I thought what a good way to “get in.” Hell, I would bring a video camera, so why not???
What happens is her record company totally takes the bait and I’m totally taken off guard. Who knew they’d say yes?? So now all of a sudden I have to MAKE A FILM! And that’s what the documentary is about. It’s as much about trying to make this film and “look professional” as it is about trying to meet PJ Harvey.

To watch a trailer, visit the Following PJ website.

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