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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 30, 2004

The Star Wars Special Edition pinball machine sits at the other side of the room, waiting for one man (David Presswood) to use it. That man holds a Star Wars comic book and might have had trouble with the pinball machine before, as it beckons him toward it and even manages to prevent his escape. All the action is seen within various panels of that comic book, and it reminds me of my own pinball days, of managing to find free games at a bowling alley in Coral Springs, Florida when I was in a bowling league there on Saturday mornings. But while the games I played were for pleasure, this is a game of seriousness for this guy.

Talking nickels watch the action on an adjacent table and why they talk, I don’t know, but the voices bear a strong reminder of the aliens in both “Toy Story” movies. The nickels’ side of the story isn’t too clear, but Joe Presswood got the editing of a pinball game down perfectly because that’s exactly how I felt when playing many games. You put in the quarter or two and hope to knock that shiny ball into a score that hopefully shoots into the stratosphere. But for him, it’s a matter of finally being victorious over this machine and it’s fun to watch him do it.

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