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By Film Threat Staff | May 27, 2005

From Microcinema International, The DIFFERENT CINEMA Vol. 1 DVD is a compilation of rare and original experimental films from around the world, each of which were selected
for screening at the Different Film Festival of Paris (Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris) between 2001 and 2003. The DVD includes the Lettrist artist Maurice Lemaître and video artist Takahiko Iimura as well as a number of young undiscovered talents such as Hugo Verlinde, Colas
Ricard and Martin Gracienau.
The ten shorts films on this DVD, each of which have been presented at one of several Different Cinema Festivals of Paris, represent a panoramic view of contemporary experimental creations. The visuals take the lead over the narration and orient the direction of the work. But these
directions join with the questions of humanity, philosophical and aesthetic, that each creator asks himself no matter that the style or format: games, desire, encounters, the search for an identity, representation,

The first film on the DVD, “I-Motion” by Rozenn Nobilet, is a rhythmic work that puts into parallel the body with the art form of cinema. The body becomes a subject of film, a means of narration. Egbert Mittelstädt works on a similar theme in this film as he explores the body in motion
by filming a dancer. The body leaves traces that become abstract images that eventually rejoin the body itself. Other films like Jardin privé by Stéphane Marti or Geminga by Hugo Verlinde also tackle the subject of body language through film.

The more narrative films on this DVD, “Sentimental Journey” by Tony Wu/Georges Hsin, “Introspection” by Richard Beaune and “Ganeden” by Maurice Lemaître, demonstrate how experimental film can include storytelling. These films, through their unique treatment of the subject matter, invite the viewer into fascinating private worlds that are both fragile and intimate.

Films and filmmakers included on the compilation:
I MOTION by Rozenn Nobilet – UK – 7 mins
SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY by Tony Wu & Georges Hsin – Taiwan – 10 mins
TANDEM : FAUX RACCORDS – Colas Ricards & Martin Gracineau – France – 6
mins 15 secs
GEMINGA – Hugo Verlinde – France – 9 mins 10 secs
GANEDEN – Maurice Lemaitre – France – 17 mins
INTROSPECTION – Richard Beaune – France – 12 mins
JARDIN PRIVE – Stephane Marti – France – 12 mins
OUR FORMER GLORY – Robert Todd – USA – 8 mins
I’M (NOT) SEEN – Takahikio Iimura – Japan – 5 mins
UNFOLDING – Egbert Mittelstadt – Germany – 3 mins 35 secs.
BONUS: Biographies, Filmographies, Interview
SUBTITLES: English, French, German, Spanish
SOUND: Stereo

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