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By Pete Jones | September 18, 2003

In last week’s entry in PETE JONES’ “DOUBTING RILEY” DIARY, the freckle-faced filmmaker found himself knee deep in a swimming pool of men. This week, Pete wraps shooting but post and insane deadlines are now staring him square in the eye…

“Ladies and Gentleman, that is a show wrap.” Eight words that couldn’t be more exciting and frightening at the same time. We shot for 22 days and for the tiny sum of $14,376, we shot a 23rd day. On budget, on time.

This would be the time when I’m supposed to tell you how great everything went and how incredible this movie is going to be. But the truth of it is I have absolutely no clue. I think Pat Peach and Judd Nissen produced a great movie, we got some outstanding performances from Nathan Fillion, Dev Kennedy, Mike McDonald, Julie Pearl, Stoney Westmoreland, great cameos from Jeff Garlin and Steve Dahl, Pete Biagi shot a beautiful movie, Bruce Terris scheduled it well and the crew was incredible. But none of that really matters cause if we didn’t capture it on video, you won’t see it.

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