By Tom Meek | June 9, 2000

Just what you’d expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie, lots of posturing smashed up against a smattering of plot — itself stolen from the little seen 1974 film of the same title. It’s essentially “Top Gun,” “The Rock” or “Armageddon,” with all the big thundering explosions and the requisite T&A transposed to the theme of grand theft auto.
This time out, Bruckheimer’s plodding juice squeezer, revolves around Nicolas Cage’s car thief extraordinaire, who must come out of retirement and swipe 50 exotic vehicles within 24 hours to save his ambitious, but none too swift, lil bro’s a*s from a nefarious heavy. The cops (lead by the effusive Delroy Lindo) are onto Cage’s game, but are conveniently absent when all the carjacking action goes down. There’s a handful of thrilling car chases to jack up the adrenaline up from time to time but it never sustains any real immediacy. The all star cast featuring Giovanni Ribisi , Robert Duvall and Will Patton are largely wasted, especially the lovely Angelina Jolie as Cage’s grease monkey ex. For a rev-you-up actioneer with an uber hip soundtrack, “60 Seconds” is a bombastic drag.

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