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By Chris Gore | September 15, 2006

Okay, so what do I think about the original theatrical versions of Star Wars on DVD? Some of you have been asking me, and it’s a simple answer, I bought them, but should you? If you want to know about some alternative Star Wars movies you may have never heard of, you should stop lurking the blog sections of profiles here and read the news on Suicide Girls especially this recent piece entitled “Get Sars Wars not Star Wars” Footage Fetishes: Get Sars Wars not Star Wars. Give it a read and you’ll discover the Brazilian Star Wars movie you probably never even heard of. And remember that if you get caught reading this story at home or work, be sure to tell the person that you read for the articles. I know I do.

Also, for those without a Tivo or cable or a TV, here’s some recent segments from Attack of the Show for your amusement–here’s the latest DVDuesday from Tuesday, September 12th — Star Wars original theatrical versions, The Office season 2, Lucky Number Slevin, more…

ALL-NEW DVDUESDAY AIRING ON FRIDAYS! That’s right, every Friday on Attack of the Show there will be a weekend edition of DVDuesday in which I will present recommended DVDs for a particular genre or actor or mood or whatever. The Friday edition from September 8th involved a discussion of the best Teen Movies…

On this DVDuesday which aired September 5th, you’ll hear my thoughts on the newly released Godzilla/Gojira boxed set as well as a little film called Sars Wars — that’s not a typo, yes it is SARS WARS…

I was also on the “Loop” on “Attack of the Show” recently and we discussed the MPAA and Censorship…

Oh, and remember awhile back when I mentioned something about a student documentary about MySpace… well, here it is. Please don’t take anything personal that I have said in this doc. I’m talking about my other friends, not you. This film was made by UCSD students Sally Foster, Lauren McElhatton and Dominique Osburn for Professor Louis Hock’s “Documentary Evidence” course. Anyway, if you have 10 minutes to spare, here is the doc…

Gore gone!

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  1. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    To paraphrase a Conan O’Brien sketch:

    DVDuesday on Fridays…

    It just makes sense.

  2. Michael Ferraro says:

    We’re talking Escape from LA and you come in here with Star Wars?

    Im kidding. This past weekend, I watched all 6 adventures. I gotta say, Episode II is so f*****g hard to watch. Other than that, I was happy to finally see the old trilogy “untouched” on DVD (thanks to we few strong soldiers you p*****s).

    It really made me smile.

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