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By Amy R. Handler | February 15, 2013

Bunee Tomlinson’s little flick, No One Knows, is mysterious and suspenseful from beginning to end. No one and nothing is easily explained—and even death is suspicious.

Intrigued? You should be. Because No One Knows is nothing short of brilliant, even though all action takes place in the span of 9 minutes. Tomlinson’s film centers around the seemingly normal Smith family, living in a small town and attending church services on Sundays. Mom (Nicole Fancher) is the quintessential homemaker, her young daughter Hannah (Sami Isler) appears to be like every other small town schoolgirl her age, and Dad (Jett Anderson) seems the perfect family man. In fact, the only weird person in town seems to be a young boy named Jason (Caleb Barwick), who compels the fair Hannah with his eyes, and appears out of nowhere, wherever she may be.

But tales of mundane things are seldom just that, and Bunee Tomlinson’s film is no exception. In fact, as you see what you see, and read between the lines, you’ll discover that the filmmaker’s statement is most disturbing, from that supernatural/psychopathic standpoint all of us dread in real life— but seem to be hopelessly drawn toward— in that make believe world of cinema. And it’s at that juncture that Tomlinson wields his magic wand, and the lines of truth and fiction merge and dissipate.

No One Knows is strongly recommended.

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