By Admin | October 18, 2004

Driving through the countryside can get a little boring after awhile I guess. So the littlest things can start becoming brain food. Such is the case here as a couple of guys have gotten out of their car to gawk at a pair of overalls lying out in the middle of nowhere, covered in what appears to be blood stains. This article of clothing, which looks to have been neatly laid out, jogs these guys’ imagination as they wonder what exactly it’s doing there. Their thoughts turn to murder and they bat back and forth different ideas of what could’ve happened – an argument turned deadly, a jilted lover’s wrath, a serial killer’s handiwork. It doesn’t take long for their mysterious overall theories to take a bizarre turn as they start including laundry folding fetishes and UFOs. Will these guys finally settle on a story? Maybe. But what’s most important is what exactly brought them to explore the field in the first place.

“Corpus Delicti” gets more and more entertaining as the stories get wilder, ultimately ending with a satisfying punchline. Good stuff. It also proves that just because you’re making a film out in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. “Corpus Delicti” is all about runaway imagination and the filmmakers here have plenty of it.

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