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By Film Threat Staff | November 10, 2000

Industry news source [ Variety ] reports that respected director David Cronenberg, whose most recent project was the futuristic interactive-gaming saga “eXistenZ,” may soon sign on to direct the sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s blockbuster, crotch-centric “Basic Instinct”. The sequel, which would again star Sharon Stone (yes, that makes two News items today that mention Shaz) could begin filming as soon as mid-February.
Sir Cronenberg, known alternately as “the King of venereal horror” and the slightly more tame “baron of blood,” has made a long career directing diverse films like the creepily weird “Scanners,” the identity-questioning “The Fly,” arty “Naked Lunch” and the sex n’ cars-filled “Crash”. To read the [ Film Threat Review ] of “eXistenZ” click here. And for another [ Film Threat Review ] of the film, go right here.

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