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By Steve Anderson | September 10, 2007

An aggressively short crime drama attempts to detail the intricacies of life, death, and morality on every side of the law in “No Destination.” Which is a whole lot to do for a movie that only runs eighteen minutes, with about two reserved for the end credit roll. Yet, somehow, “No Destination” manages to do just that.

There’s not a whole lot of plot that I can describe without monster spoilers–a young couple runs afoul of a couple of minor-league thugs who’ve just graduated to murder–but I’ll make one thing perfectly clear. These eighteen minutes are going to just fly by. Laumeister’s work is taut and deftly paced, with enough happening before an explosive conclusion to make you glad you stuck around. It’s a real surprise that Laumeister could pack this much into this short a time frame, and frankly, I’m glad for it.

If you can find the chance to get a hold of “No Destination”, and you’re even vaguely fond of crime drama, then you’ll love this little doozy.

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