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By Don R. Lewis | December 31, 2007

Hello FT readers and Happy New Year! I’ve been mostly absent from the site due to an un-Godly school and work schedule, the new doc I’m making and life in general. Plus, I manage a band called five a.m. You can check out our new site here:

I’ve been managing these guys for like, ten years. And by manage, that means I book shows and then drink all their beer while they play their hearts out. It’s a pretty sweet gig. But ten years for a band most of you have never heard of begs the obvious question, who are these guys? Well, we’re launching some new ways to try and get the masses to listen up and here’s our first effort, a music video starring Eddie Furlong, Ice-T and Rumer Willis!

With the record industry on it’s last legs and the film industry soon to follow, we decided to try and think of some new ways to attract attention to the music without getting bent over by record companies. Filmmakers have been doing this for years so we kind of adopted the idea of getting our stuff out there in new ways. So, check it out. A big chunk of the proceeds from the download of the song, “Still in Love With You” are going to a charity that you can check out on the five a.m. site.

If any budding documentary filmmakers out there are looking for a story, the charity we’re donating to is a great story. It’s called “Pace e Bene” and it focuses on non-violence. It was started by a 73 year old Franciscan monk who was arrested for praying at the front gate of a military base. Thank God our tax money goes to getting criminals like that off the streets!

Anyway..on with the show!


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