They don’t distribute or fund films, and they don’t produce documentaries. What Montage Entertainment does do, and believe in, is “provide a forum for filmmakers who create films that enhance the public’s understanding of the under-represented voices of film, including “those of minority and women writers.”
The Montage Screenwriter’s Lab aims to fulfill their mission by offering a chance for ten writers to participate in a two-day seminar with industry professionals. The Lab, which is sponsored in part by HBO, Sony Pictures, and BMG among other groups, will take place in December of 2000, but the deadline for entries is [ October 19th, 2000 ] . All script entries are judged based on the quality of writing (of course) as well as the relevance of the subject matter and the attention the script shows toward sensitive gender and ethnic issues. For more entry details, and a look at Montage programs of the past, see the [ the Montage Entertainment website ] or call [ (323) 469-1760 ] .

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