It is Monday, right? Lessee…

Yesterday I had screenings all day long. I saw a great doc called “KZ” about this idyllic Austrian town that has a huge concentration camp on one side of it. By far one of the oddest doc’s I’ve ever seen…the review should be up soon. I also saw “The Aura” which was a very slow, but very cool Argentenian film noir. Very cool. I also saw something else yesterday, but honestly cannot remember what it was.

This morning I saw a RAD movie called “Half Nelson.” It seems like your a-typical “white teacher in the ghetto reaches out to black students and makes them all better people.” Well, this teacher is a crack head. Really cool, original, intriguing movie. Just a bit ago I had back to back screenings. The first was “Flannel Pajamas” and I honestly have never wanted to walk inside a screen and choke the characters so badly. I hate to be a dick, but when you’re seeing 3-4 films a day and your time is somewhat precious (as you could be eating, sleeping, drinking or seeing a good film) it’s offensive to see something so craptacular. You can read my review later.

Then I saw “The Trial of Darryl Hunt” which was good, but a tad long. It’s a movie about this African-American guy who gets railroaded and convicted for the rape and murder of a white woman.

Right now me, Pete and Mark are trying to get rid of some of this coors light. Come on over!

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