By Phil Hall | November 20, 2001

“Mirror” is a stylish two-and-a-half minute computer generated animated film about a punk-sexy woman who inexplicably allows herself to be remade into something fairly freaky. A flying army of unlikely tools (including a monkey bone, surgical scalpel, and prison tattoo gun) glide and poke about her head, inking and piercing and slicing their merry way over her features until she is transformed into a being which looks like the extreme elements of a variety of cultures mix-mastered into a single bizarre woman. And the woman, after studying herself closely in the mirror, is clearly happy with the results.
Filmed in ghoulish monochrome and laced with a hypnotic techno music score, “Mirror” is a treat for the eyes and ears. Filmmaker Lee Lanier serves up a tasty cinematic appetizer with this tiny film and even offers a brief peek in the closing credits at how she achieved her effects. If any grousing can be registered, it would be the greedy notion that we should see more of this talented artist’s unique skill and imagination.

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