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By Film Threat Staff | June 2, 2000

Everyone who visits San Francisco has heard all about the cable cars, winding streets, the Golden Gate Bridge, Tony Bennett, etc. etc. But the city is also home to some of the freakiest and most notorious sites in the country – sites you won’t find in the usual travel guide. That is, until now. Jack Boulware’s SAN FRANCISCO BIZARRO is just that – a guide to the lustier, darker, seedier, goofier side of the Bay Area.
Can’t get enough of garden gnomes? Maybe you should join the Bay Area’s International Gnome Club? Looking for an unusual gift? Drop by the Mission District’s Paxton Gate store and pick up a stuffed mouse, dressed like the Pope. Or check out:
San Francisco’s strange and blossoming sexual underground ^The largest selection of tequila outside Mexico ^ The history and sites of Patty Hearst’s kidnapping ^ Oakland’s Black Panther Legacy Tours ^ The nuclear missile base in the Marin Headlands ^ The hotel room where Billie Holiday was busted for opium ^ Charlie Manson’s Haight-Ashbury apartment ^ The museum of Pez dispensers ^
This is just a taste of what’s between the pages of SAN FRANCISCO BIZARRO. An essential book for any local, as well as anyone who truly wants to see all of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Jack Boulware’s SAN FRANCISCO BIZARRO delivers a twisted take on the city we know and love.

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