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By Phil Hall | May 24, 2014

This woefully inept documentary makes an enervated attempt to cash in on the success of the reality television program Duck Dynasty by pretending to analyze how the Robertson family managed to conquer the entertainment world.

However, no one from the Robertson family agreed to participate in this endeavor. As a result, this film consists mainly of two women – a reporter from a Louisiana television station and the head of the Chamber of Commerce in West Monroe, Louisiana – talking endlessly about how the Robertsons made their fortune in duck hunting products and how they found an unexpected audience on cable television.

The chief problem is that neither of these women has any close professional or personal relationship with the Robertsons – their observations are so distant that one could easily assume that they consulted a Wikipedia article on the Robertsons minutes before going on camera to talk about the subject. Even worse, the film grabs pedestrians off the street and asks them to recall their favorite Duck Dynasty episode, but this is pointless because filmmaker Billy Simpson was unable to secure any footage from Duck Dynasty, so we never get to see these alleged classic TV moments. Even worse, the film endlessly repeats a video clip of the Robertsons walking down a Manhattan street on their way for at TV interview – this is the closest we get to see the stars of the show.

Rarely has nonfiction filmmaking been so thoroughly incompetent, and fans of the Robertsons will find this sloppy production to be a waste of time.

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