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By Steve Anderson | July 28, 2007

Sometimes in life you get more than you bargain for. And in “Meat,” that particular lesson will show through pretty quickly.

“Meat”‘s deli case shows off the surprisingly grade-A story of Bill, a guy who works at a grocery store, rides a bike everywhere he goes, and just looks like an all-around loser. And thusly, like most losers, he spends much of his free time fantasizing about the various women he sees in a day, picturing them in various costumes and all very eager to ride the wild Bill.

Naturally, none of the women are very happy about this, until one woman, who’s actually so enamored with Bill that she starts hitting on him, invites him back to her house… to meet her husband, among other things.

From here, it just turns into a wild and insane romp that I can’t tell you a single thing about because it will spoil like no tomorrow. I can tell you that you’ll find yourself laughing your way through much of the twelve minutes that this clever short actually runs. Which, of course, makes “Meat” the kind of cut that you’ll want to seek out.

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