By Admin | September 13, 2014

Grant (Jae Greene) is enjoying a lazy afternoon watching TV when he gets a strange phone call warning him about a nefarious group of evil-doers. Suddenly his status as a “maximum human” is activated, and he’s able to fend off two bro-tastic hipster attackers at his home. Meeting up with the odd scientist Dr. Eckles (Jason Heffner), Grant learns that certain innate traits of his have been maximized, such as his penchant for violence and, unfortunately, his stupidity. Dr. Eckles needs Grant to help him thwart a plot by the evil group T.H.A.Y. and… you know what, it really doesn’t matter.

Seriously, even though Jason Heffner’s Maximum Impact has a plot, it’s inconsequential and really just an excuse to make a goofy action comedy. This is one of those films that exists to make some off-color jokes and revel in its own potentially offensive silliness.

And for as short as this film is, that’s fine. Depending on your sense of humor, some of the jokes will land better than others, but it’s mostly a fun time. It does take too long to do what it does; it could be even shorter if it picked up the pace a bit, and dropped some of the exposition.

It utilizes a mix of lo-fi aesthetics (that wig!) and just-good-enough visual effects, that can come off as cheesy at times, to maximize its own goofy vibe. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and doesn’t expect you to either. It’s not something I’d watch again, but it is entertaining for what it is.

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