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By Film Threat Staff | January 16, 2002

Media Market Group, Ltd. (MMG), a pioneer in Japanese hentai anime, announced that on January 8th, 2002, Judge Claudia Wilken of the Northern District Court of California, denied Lucasfilm, Ltd.’s motion for a preliminary injunction with regard to the distribution of their erotic cartoon parody, Starballz.
“This decision is an important First Amendment victory,” said MMG’s attorney, Evan Feinberg. “In their efforts to stop the distribution of Starballz and run MMG out of business, Lucasfilm has used Gestapo-like tactics, including harassment by private investigators and incessant telephone threats. In a letter to an internet hosting company, Lucasfilm demanded that they identify individuals who had purchased Starballz. They also dismissed the free speech clause of the Constitution by stating that this case, ‘is not about the First Amendment,’ and they ridiculed the notion of American patriotism by stating that MMG would not win by ‘waving the flag around.’ Their disregard for legal procedure is underscored by the fact that Lucasfilm’s attorney admitted that he did not even watch Starballz prior to filing suit.”
Starballz is a low-budget, adult cartoon that parodies dozens of movies, pop culture figures, musicians, politicians, and other famous people. The style of parody is reminiscent of spoofs like The Naked Gun, Scary Movie, Austin Powers, and Not Another Teen Movie.
Now that the judge has ruled in MMG’s favor, the case will be litigated in federal court. MMG has resumed worldwide distribution of Starballz and will continue to sell the DVD and VHS online at
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