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By Michael Ferraro | March 11, 2005

In “Mary”, Stella (Victoria Justice) has the wrong idea of what to do after the Virgin Mary (Suzie Pollard) appears to her in the middle of the night, announcing that she’s been chosen by God for the standard mission-and-suffering gig. Before this happens, she’s all bells and whistles about doing a report for school on Mother Theresa, and after the Virgin Mary’s appearance, she makes the mistake of telling her parents about Jesus’ mother’s cameo.

“Mary” has the right duo of child actors handling this brief story, including Rachel Bell as Stella’s sister Frances, who undergoes a change of her own right alongside her sister. While the psychologist gag is a bit too typical, at least “Mary” has a strong sense of humor about religion. It doesn’t have to be dark, foreboding, and sadistically authoritive. Sometimes all that is needed in religion is a good laugh, and it is well-demonstrated here.

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