“Love, Sex and Murder” is a short film that definitely lives up to its title. Tony Giglio, the mind behind the five-minute foray into saucy naughtiness, recounts a story from the set:
“A carousel of actresses tried to play the blond, but the role was colored by controversy over the actresses’ asses. One actress requested an ass double, who was then hired. Another actress preferred her own ass, so the ass double was fired. A third actress considered the ass double, who was subsequently re-hired but then consequently re-fired when the actress saw the ass of the ass double and definitely preferred her own ass (the ass double had a pale ass, while the actress had a tan ass – not a good match).”
Casting tales aside, [ “Love, Sex and Murder” ] is chock full of scandal and a bunch of other stuff that could make young’uns blush, so pay attention to the “for mature audiences” warning.

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