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The Space Between Us

By Alan Ng | November 15, 2022

We can all relate to the assertion that we can know someone for a very long time but never really know them. Two San Francisco dancers, teachers, and activists attempt to close the gap in Gabriel Diamond’s short film, The Space Between Us.  

Artists/activists Sarah Crowell and Keith Hennesey have known one another for almost 30 years. But, until now, they have never collaborated, nor has their relationship reached beyond acquaintances. Today, they find themselves in a practice dance space with two white duct tape lines separating the performers onstage. The two face one another, and Hennesey asks the question, “Who are you?”

“The two then face one another, and Hennesey asks the question, ‘Who are you?’

The two go back and forth, describing their identities and titles while representing their feelings through lyrical movement. Starting with their outward appearance, they speak of how they are perceived by outsiders and then become vulnerable about their fears and life’s accomplishments. Then the two move around the stage in hopes of finding a connection and a way to complement one another.

The Space Between Us uses the more abstract form of dance to tell a story of two individuals moving beyond prejudice and preconceived notions to find connection, commonality, and empathy in the end. Filmmaker Diamond, along with Crowell and Hennessey, makes a subtle yet powerful statement in the end.

For more information about The Space Between Us, visit the Skoll World Forum website.

The Space Between Us (2022)

Directed and Written: Gabriel Diamond

Starring: Sarah Crowell, Keith Hennessey, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Space Between Us Image

"…makes a subtle yet powerful statement..."

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